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We're an Optometrist in Noosa Junction and are 100% owned & operated by principal Optometrist, Catherine Tromp. Noosa Optical is one of a kind and definitely not a chain store!  

Our eye test will look much deeper than just checking your vision for glasses. We cover all aspects of your eye health and vision using advanced technology and a personal approach. We work with all kinds of prescription eyewear, frames, sunglasses, magnifiers, goggles, ski masks and occupation specific eyewear.

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See the lens experts

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Optical lenses experts 

(/blog/lens-experts) Spectacle lenses may all look the same - but there's a catch! Whilst optical lenses may all look the same, there are vast differences in quality which will affect vision, visual comfort, UV protection, aesthetics and more. It’s what you don’t see that matters. Many people are not using the right lens for their vision. This can have a major impact on quality of life. The lens selection process will ultimately determine how well and comfortably you will see. Progressive lenses and multifocal lenses are especially varied in their quality. Yet, e more

Cataracts Explained

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(/blog/cataracts_explained) As we age, cataracts become more common. What are Cataracts? Cataracts are a cloudiness that can form in the lens of the eye. Poor vision results because the cloudiness interferes with light entering the eye. Most cataracts are age related, which means the older you get, the more likely you are to develop them. Cataracts may also be present at birth or acquired as a result of disease (such as diabetes), trauma to the eye, exposure to radiation or prolonged use of steroids. Long-term exposure to ultra-violet light is thought to contribute to the develop more

State-of-the-art eye health and diagnostics.

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Eye test 

(/blog/introducing-carl-zeiss-cirrus-hd-oct) As a 100% locally owned & operated Optometrist in Noosa Junction, Noosa Optical doesn't pay franchise fees. We would rather re-invested into specialized eye test equipment and services for our clients. Here are some examples of where we've re-invested into eye health and diagnostics. We do a lot more than just an eye test for glasses. Each instrument has it's own specialized application. All together, they keep us at the cutting edge of eye health diagnosis and management. Zeiss Cirrus HD-OCT This sophisticated scanning syste more