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Contact Lens Consultation

With contact lens technology continuously evolving, almost every glasses wearer is suitable for contact lenses. 

If you are interested in wearing contact lenses, you'll need a contact lens consultation so that your vision and eyes can be properly assessed and fitted for contact lenses. More time is usually required compared to a regular eye test. 

Medicare rebates are only available to clients who fit the criteria for contact lens wear (as defined by Medicare). Please ask for further details when you make your appointment.

Contact lens eye health assessment

In your first contact lens appointment you will have an eye health assessment. It is particularly important that the tissue covering the front of your eyes (cornea) is diagnosed as healthy. This is because contact lenses are placed over this area.

Contact lens fitting

Once you're cleared for wearing contact lenses, eye measurements will be taken. After discussing the different options available to you, a particular contact lens will be prescribed. This will range from daily disposables, fortnightly wear, monthly wear and extended wear (sleep-in) contact lenses. You will most likely be provided with a trial set at this point so you can give your new lenses a test run.

Contact lens teaching

Either immediately following your contact lens fitting, or a day or two later, one of our trained staff members will take you through the process of how to insert, remove and care for your contact lenses. This can take some people longer than others to master, however, you can be confident that we will work with you until you’re satisfied that you can do it on your own.

Regular checkups

Usually around a month after you begin wearing your contact lenses and then every year, you will need to return for an assessment to make sure the functionality of the lenses and your eye health (particularly your cornea) remain optimum.