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Digital Retinal Imaging

We have invested in a high resolution Canon Retinal Camera.  This instrument enables our Optometrists to investigate the structures at the back of your eye including the retina, macular, blood vessels and optic nerve to a higher level of detail than previously achievable.  This aids in the early detection and management of diseases that can affect both your eyes and overall health including retinal detachment, glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetes and hypertension.

How does it work?

Also known as fundus photography, digital retinal imaging is essentially a photograph of the retina (the back) of your eye.  It is completely painless and only takes a few seconds to capture the images required.  Once the images are transferred to your digital health record, the Optometrist will take a few minutes to review the information on screen and then discuss their findings with you. We will store your retinal images for future reference and comparison of changes over time.  When appropriate, we can also transfer the data to your Ophthalmologist.  

How will you benefit?

Half a million Australians are affected by vision impairment or blindness.  The good news is that most eye conditions are preventable or treatable with early detection and intervention.

With digital retinal imaging, we can manage your eye health better and in more detail than with conventional eye testing methods.  With this technology, our Optometrists can accurately and quickly diagnose and monitor even the most subtle of changes to the back of your eyes and offer immediate treatment or referral where necessary.   It also provides a highly specific and individual eye health record of your eyes for future reference and comparison over time.  

Who should have it?

We recommend that retinal imaging be part of every regular eye health examination.  Considering it provides earlier diagnosis against very devastating diseases, we believe it is well worth it. The cost of digital retinal imaging is minimal and will be discussed with you beforehand.  It is not currently covered by Medicare.