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Optical lenses experts

Spectacle lenses may all look the same - but there's a catch!

Whilst optical lenses may all look the same, there are vast differences in quality which will affect vision, visual comfort, UV protection, aesthetics and more. It’s what you don’t see that matters. Many people are not using the right lens for their vision. This can have a major impact on quality of life. The lens selection process will ultimately determine how well and comfortably you will see.

Progressive lenses and multifocal lenses are especially varied in their quality. Yet, even the best progressive lenses need expert attention to detail or they will only produce sub-standard vision. That is why it is even more important to work with a lens expert when ordering progressive lenses.

In many situations, the focus is often on the frame selection process. You see your frames every day, we love frames and selecting a great frame is the really satisfying part of the Optometrist visit. However, seeing out of your glasses, in some cases, is something you will do all day, every day.  The focus should be looking after getting the best lens for you. It is what will determine the quality of your vision.

Not all prescription lenses are created equal, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to selecting the type of prescription lens for each person. Consider your current lenses.  Is your vision and the quality of your sight what it could be?

Optical Aberrations - what you can't see

Under normal, everyday conditions, the below lens is clear and looks just like any other lens. When a special test light is used to enhance the imperfections, it becomes obvious how poor this particular lens quality actually is. This is a great example of a prescription optical lens that looks just like any other lens to most people.

Quality optical lenses

As a 100% local independent optometrist, Noosa Optical uses a customised, tailored approach to lens selection. We have the ability to source lenses from the world’s best lens designs. Our team will discuss and prescribe the best lens for your lifestyle as part of the practice’s thorough 360° comprehensive eye consultation.

Noosa Optical is a 100% independent, local family owned and operated Optometrist in Noosa Junction. Opening in our current location in 1989 Noosa Optical provides comprehensive options in eyecare and eyewear. We can be contacted on 07-5447-3711 and are located at 1 Lanyana Way Noosa Junction.