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LINDBERG frames, the most comfortable frames

by: Optometrist Noosa on

Tired of heavy, uncomfortable eyewear?

LINDBERG is a Danish frame designer and maker, with numerous design awards including the prestigious Red Dot award. We hold over 60 styles in store and currently work with 10 different collections within the range.

Just 1.9 grams

Constructed from the lightest, strongest, most flexible titanium metal and incorporating LINDBERG'S screwless hinge design, these frames are the lightest, most comfortable eyewear you will find. From just 1.9 grams, the Spirit Titanium rimless collection is the champion of lightness. Wearing one of these frames is as close to wearing nothing as you can get.


A favourite of eyewear connoisseurs, ranging from Danish Royalty to Hollywood, LINDBERG is more than just comfortable eyewear. Over the past decade, LINDBERG has taken eyewear to an even higher level, working with precious materials such as 18-carat gold, diamonds and buffalo horn. 

No Screws. No Rivets. No Welds.

Smart and ingenious design means LINDBERG has removed everything a frame doesn't need. That goes for screws, rivets and welds and all those other little things that tend to become loose, fall off or just add unwanted weight and clutter to a frame. This means less maintenance, fewer repairs and a longer lasting frame that will look and feel as good in years to come as they day you first put it on.

Design and Customise

We are equipped with the latest design and customise application which allows us to present you with a high resolution image of your chosen combinations of shape, material, colour and finishing options. Of course, you'll feel the frames we have, but it's great to be able to compare different combinations and this is a fantastic way for you to be able to customise your ideal glasses frames. 

Once you've settled on your individual design, your frame will be produced and engraved with a unique identifying serial number. With over a million different combinations, your frames are likely to be one of kind.