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Cataracts Explained

by: Optometrist Noosa on

(/blog/cataracts_explained) As we age, cataracts become more common. What are Cataracts? Cataracts are a cloudiness that can form in the lens of the eye. Poor vision results because the cloudiness interferes with light entering the eye. Most cataracts are age related, which means the older you get, the more likely you are to develop them. Cataracts may also be present at birth or acquired as a result of disease (such as diabetes), trauma to the eye, exposure to radiation or prolonged use of steroids. Long-term exposure to ultra-violet light is thought to contribute to the develop more

Holiday Season 2018-19

by: Optometrist Noosa on

(/blog/holiday-season-2018-19) From all of us at Noosa Optical, we wish you and your family a safe and Happy Christmas and the very best that 2019 can bring. Thank you for supporting our local family business over the past year and we look forward to a fantastic New Year. Over the holiday season it is important that you book an appointment with us as our opening hours will vary from normal and it is a particularly busy time of the year. You can book an appointment with Catherine by clicking here (/booking), or using the button at the top of this page. To book an appointmen more

If you can see clearly, nothing is wrong. Right?

by: Optometrist Noosa on

(/blog/eye_test_see_clearly) ­If you can see clearly, nothing is wrong. Right? Did you know many of the most serious eye diseases develop gradually, often without noticeable signs in their early stages? Don’t wait until it’s too late Every 65 minutes an Australian loses part or all of their vision^ and a staggering 42%* of people wait until their eyes deteriorate before having their vision and eye health examined. While many of us recognise the need for preventative dental and general health check-ups, we’re generally less aware of the importance of regular preventative e more

Optometrist in Noosa reminds drivers "A safe car is nothing without safe vision"

by: Catherine Tromp on

(/blog/safe_driving_vision) Noosa Optometrists Catherine Tromp and Michelle Lamarca know that as drivers, we are very focused on safety, it’s a must-have. They emphasise that "Whilst we are concerned about our car’s safety features, we often don’t think about the major influential factor in crashes: human error." We know that vision is the most important sense for making decisions on the road and that uncorrected vision is a contributor to crash risk.^ Road safety starts with good vision, and that means seeing well at all distances, in all conditions. Be aware of more

Why you need to know about Macular Degeneration

by: Optometrist Noosa on

(/blog/macular-degeneration-awareness) Only a complete eye test can detect the early signs of Macular Degeneration, Australia's leading cause of blindness and severe vision loss. All Australians over the age of 50 years should have an eye test and make sure their macula is checked. The macula is the central part of the retina, which is the light-sensitive tissue at the back of the eye. The macular processes all central visual images and is responsible for the ability to drive, see colours clearly, read and recognize faces. Fast facts about macular degeneration: A complete eye more

Noosa Optometrist Noosa Optical gets a new look

by: Optometrist Noosa on

(/blog/new-look-optometrist-noosa) Noosa Optical has a brand new look and we are proudly still the only truly, 100% locally owned and operated Optometrist in Noosa. We have complete freedom to provide the eye health services and vision products our individual clients need. We are not a chain store! That is to say, we have not entered into any corporate contract, franchise or insurance company agreement that would dictate how we operate, what we sell or what services we provide to our clients. We are one-of-kind and entirely owned by our locally based Optometrist, Catherine and he more