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LINDBERG frames, the most comfortable frames

by: Optometrist Noosa on

(/blog/lindberg-noosa) Tired of heavy, uncomfortable eyewear? LINDBERG is a Danish frame designer and maker, with numerous design awards including the prestigious Red Dot award. We hold over 60 styles in store and currently work with 10 different collections (/detail/lindberg) within the range. Just 1.9 grams Constructed from the lightest, strongest, most flexible titanium metal and incorporating LINDBERG'S screwless hinge design, these frames are the lightest, most comfortable eyewear you will find. From just 1.9 grams, the Spirit Titanium (/detail/lindberg) rimless collection i more

See the lens experts

by: Optometrist Noosa on

(/blog/lens-experts) Spectacle lenses may all look the same - but there's a catch! Whilst optical lenses may all look the same, there are vast differences in quality which will affect vision, visual comfort, UV protection, aesthetics and more. It’s what you don’t see that matters. Many people are not using the right lens for their vision. This can have a major impact on quality of life. The lens selection process will ultimately determine how well and comfortably you will see. Progressive lenses and multifocal lenses are especially varied in their quality. Yet, e more

Is your child school ready?

by: Catherine Tromp on

(/blog/childrens-vision-screening) Did you know that vision is responsible for 80% of all learning in a child’s first twelve years?[10] Poor vision can interfere with your child’s learning and social development, yet 1 in 5 children suffers from an undetected vision problem. A child’s eyes are central to their school life. Whether they are playing sport, reading, writing or using a digital device, their eyes are working hard. That’s why it’s important for children to have an eye examination prior to starting primary school and ever more

Your eyes are 10 times more sensitive to UV than your skin

by: Optometrist Noosa on

(/blog/your-eyes-are-10-times-more-sensitive-to-uv-than-your-skin) Why it’s so important to protect your eyes from UV. Just like our skin, our eyes are susceptible to both the short term and long term effects of UV rays. The facts don’t lie: Australia has some of the highest levels of UV radiation in the world [1] (#1) UV causes ten times the amount of damage to the eyes than to the skin [2] (#2) Children are more sensitive to UV damage of the skin and eyes than adults [3] (#3) 57% of Australian parents routinely protect their eyes from the sun, while more

If you can see clearly, nothing is wrong. Right?

by: Optometrist Noosa on

(/blog/eye_test_see_clearly) ­If you can see clearly, nothing is wrong. Right? Did you know many of the most serious eye diseases develop gradually, often without noticeable signs in their early stages? Don’t wait until it’s too late Every 65 minutes an Australian loses part or all of their vision^ and a staggering 42%* of people wait until their eyes deteriorate before having their vision and eye health examined. While many of us recognise the need for preventative dental and general health check-ups, we’re generally less aware of the importance of regular preventative e more

New eyewear range by Variation Design, France

by: Optometrist Noosa on

(/blog/new-product-launch) Spectacle frames by Variation Design use a clever mix of metal cutting, engraving, hand painted colour and gradient painting. Their knowledge of metalwork and design produces a range of elegant optical frames that uplift and illustrate strong personalities. This collection encompasses the art of hand crafting which cannot be replicated by machines. To view our portfolio of Variation Design frames, click here ( Let’s not forget style. You wouldn't wear the same pair of shoes with every outfit, so why more