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Are you making the most of your optical extras?

At Noosa Optical we are here to help you do just that before they disappear on December 31, 2018.

Use your annual health fund optical extras and our expertise to find the perfect eye wear to complement what you already have or create a new look. With new lens technologies and stunning new frame looks, there are lots of reasons to claim new eye wear.

Here are some new eye wear ideas to help you be extras-savvy this year:

Prescription Sunglasses

Experience crisp vision and UV protection. Sunglasses in your prescription are no longer an indulgence; they’re one of life’s necessities for glasses wearers. Ask us about polarisation for an even better result. You’ll never look back!

Digital Eye wear

Spend 2+ hours on digital devices? Experience neck & shoulder pain, headaches or tired, itchy eyes? Relax and protect your eyes from digital eye strain with dedicated digital eyewear.

Reading Glasses

Wear multifocal glasses and enjoy reading and other close-work? A specific pair of reading glasses will provide clear, uninterrupted vision for these activities.

New fashion look

Let's face it. There's nothing quite like treating yourself to a new look and when it's your eyes, everyone will notice!

Sports Eye wear

Whether you play the occasional round of golf or are an elite athlete, Sports specific eyewear can enhance your performance and comfort, whilst protecting your eyes against harmful UV rays and injury.

Driving glasses

Every found yourself out in the car without a set of driving glasses? We've all done it. Now there's an even better reason to get driving glasses with driving specific lenses and night driving glasses to help eliminate the bright glare from on coming traffic and street lights.

Contact Lenses

Don’t let glasses get in your way. Enjoy the freedom, comfort and convenience of contact lenses (and they come in multifocals!). The latest contact lens technologies open up a world of possibilities!

Spare Everyday Pair

Whether you’ve broken or lost a pair of glasses, you’ll probably be familiar with the stress of not having a spare pair readily available. Take the stress out of those sticky situations by making sure you have a spare pair with your current prescription on-hand if you need it.

Social/Occasion Glasses

You wouldn’t wear the same pair of shoes with every outfit, so why would you wear the same pair of glasses? Consider a conservative style for work, a bolder design for casual wear and something more elegant for formal occasions.

Be savvy with your optical extras. See us before December 31 to save $100 off your 2nd complete eye wear purchase of $200 or more.^

^Applicable where annual optical benefits expire on December 31, 2018.

When will I lose my unclaimed benefits?

The following funds roll over at the end of the calendar year.  If you are a member of any of these funds, you should aim to claim your optical benefits from your optometrist before December 31st, every year.


Medibank Private

HCF Health


Australian Unity

Teacher’s Union Health

CBHS Friendly Society

Teachers Federation Health

Credit Union Australia

HBA Health

HBF Health

Naval Health

Grand United Health

GMF Health

Credicare Health

Manchester Unity

St Lukes Health

Phoenix Health

Frank Health Fund

The following funds roll over at the end of the financial year.  If you are a member of any of these funds, you should aim to claim your optical benefits from your optometrist before 30th June, every year.


Defence Health

How much will my fund cover?

Every fund provides a slightly different level of cover.  We have a HiCaps machine, so we can provide you with accurate, itemized quotations so you know exactly where you stand with your fund for your specific eye wear needs, no matter which fund you are with.

Preferred provider and Member’s Choice provider

Many health funds encourage their members to go to designated optometrists to claim benefits.   We are an independent optometrist and our philosophy of true independence means we are registered to process and lodge claims from all private health funds.  We’ll make sure you get the best possible value from your health fund, regardless of which health fund you are with.

For more information on your optical extras cover, come and talk to our friendly staff at Noosa Optical or call us on 07-5447-3711. We’d be delighted to help you out and answer your questions!