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Eye Tests at Noosa Optical

We do more than just a basic eye test. Our general consultations are comprehensive and therefore include all recommended eye health checks. We also use modern and advanced equipment.

Our appointments are longer, so our Optometrists will have more time with you to deliver a detailed eye exam, answer your questions and provide you with a complete eye health care service, without rushing.

Eye tests for specific conditions will go even deeper. Furthermore, we’ll use specialised equipment to examine particular parts of the eye not possible to examine using conventional techniques.

Our Optometrists also issue prescriptions for eye medications or referrals to your Ophthalmologist, during your eye test.

Eye test in Noosa
Eye test in noosa

Comprehensive Eye Health

Comprehensive eye health checks are about providing a complete eye health service, not just eye tests for glasses. A truly comprehensive eye health examination will take time, and expertise and requires detailed investigation of your eye’s health. It’s about supporting a lifetime of healthy eyesight and comfortable vision.

contact lenses

Contact Lens Care

If you’re a contact lens wearer, regular check-ups are essential to your eye’s long-term health. An initial contact lens assessment and fitting test will get you started wearing contact lenses. Contact lens after-care visits are recommended at least every 12 months. Annual checkups will include complete corneal health checks, fitting and vision updates.

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Children's Eye Tests

Your child’s first eye check should occur before their first birthday. They should then have a checkup every two years, throughout their education. Kids assume their vision is the same as everyone else’s, so it’s common for visual problems to go unnoticed in school-aged kids. All our consultations for children under 16 years are covered by Medicare.

Complete Eye Tests

Your eyes are unique. So we provide eye examinations that are different and personalised to your individual needs. A complete eye consultation covers several steps:

Your eye history

Eye health checks

Vision testing

Eye coordination

Protecting your eyes

Lens recommendation

Contact lens advice

Health and lifestyle

Eye medications

Future eyecare plan

Longer appointments

We schedule 40 minutes for a general eye test.

By comparison, many Optometrists are rushed and try to provide an eye test in less than 20 minutes. Shorter consultations cannot provide the same level of detail.

Machine-driven eye tests

Automated eye tests are becoming more commonplace and are often used to try and speed up an eye checkup. We use automated machines too. Artificial intelligence (AI) is used throughout the medical industry.

However, without a detailed examination of the test results by an experienced Optometrist, machine results are often inaccurate. Furthermore, they do not account for individual variations between people. We do not rely upon machine-formulated prescriptions or diagnostics. Our Optometrists will verify the results and cross-examine areas of concern.

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