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Comprehensive Eye Health

by | 17 Mar 2021 | Eye Health, Eye Tests, News

Comprehensive eye health is about providing a complete eye health service, not just eye tests for glasses. A truely comprehensive eye health examination will take time, expertise and requires detailed investigation of the eyes health.

We do more than a basic eye test for glasses

  • Our complete eye test will provide you with a more comprehensive level of eye health care.
  • We do more than just a basic eyesight test or vision check.
  • Our appointments are longer, so our Optometrists have more time with you to deliver an extensive eye exam.

Why do we do all this? To help you enjoy a lifetime of healthy eyesight and comfortable vision. We won’t compromise your eye health and vision with a basic eye test, and we believe neither should you.

A comprehensive eye health examination

Our comprehensive eye examinations will cover the following eye health points:

1. Your background

Firstly, we’ll discuss your general health and eye health. Some eye conditions are inherited and others may occur as a result of lifestyle and work.

2. Internal eye health

Our Optometrist will examine the internal health of your eyes. This is done through a series of procedures using world class eye health technology, such as Optical Coherence Tomography. In fact, our eye health technology can see details and part of the eye not visible via traditional eye health checks.

Your eyes will be checked for signs of eye conditions such as glaucoma, macular degeneration and retinal lesions amongst other general health conditions. Diabetes and high blood pressure and also affect your eye health.

OCT eye test
Noosa Optical HD-OCT eye scan, investigating the deepest part of your eye health during a comprehensive eye health examination.

3. External eye health

An examination of the external health of your eyes will check for signs of UV damage around the eyes. Your eye lid health and tear production will also be assessed. Your external eye health is especially important if you wear contact lenses and should form part of a comprehensive eye health exam.

slit lamp eye test noosa optical
A thorough eye health examination is essential to understanding your vision. Our optometrists are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to assist them in accurate diagnosis and record keeping.

4. Testing eye focusing

Your vision sharpness will tested at multiple distances. We do this using up to three different techniques. Consequently we’re able to understand which parts of your eye are causing any vision problems.

eye test noosa optical
Your eye focusing system is tested using three different methods. This helps access your internal lens health.

5. Eye coordination tests

We’ll test how well your eyes work together as a team. Misalignment can be responsible for double vision, fatigue and headaches and can be a symptom of more serious health problems.

6. Contact lens eye health

If you wear contact lenses, the external health of your eye is essential. We’ll pay particular attention to how your contact lenses are rubbing on your cornea (front of the eye) and your eye lids. Any associated eye heath problems will pose a risk to your longer time contact lens wear. Comprehensive eye health checks are essential for all contact lens wearers.

7. Health and lifestyle

The Optometrist will provide appropriate advice regarding your general health and lifestyle. The impact of diet and lifestyle choices on your eye health and vision is vital to maintaining lifelong vision. So we will discuss this with you.

8. Eye medications

Therapeutic endorsement means the Optometrist can prescribe medications to treat eye conditions. Consequently, you will only be referred for more serious conditions. For example, those that require specialised medical or surgical treatment by an Ophthalmologist.

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