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Contact Lens Test

by | 20 Jan 2021 | Eye Health, Eye Tests, News

A contact lens test is different to a glasses check. You’ll need a contact lens test in order to receive a contact lens prescription to buy contact lenses. We prescribe a full range of contact lenses, based upon what is most suitable for individual requirements. 

Contact lens prescription

A contact lens prescription is required to buy contact lenses. So you will need to update your prescription annually. 

Prescription renewals and annual checkups

Firstly, your corneal and eyelid health will be reviewed. This is to ensure you can comfortably continue to wear contact lenses for the long term, without risk of damaging your eyes. Similarly, we’ll review and adjust your vision prescription as appropriate. 

Prescription updates only require a short visit. You must wear your contact lenses into your contact lens appointment. In addition, and to ensure an accurate prescription, please insert your contact lenses a couple of hours prior to your appointment. If you do not have any contact lenses to wear into your appointment, please contact us for a diagnostic set.

Initial contact lens test

First time contact lens wearers will need to complete some steps in order to successfully start wearing contact lenses. Some eyewear retailers will sell you contact lenses without completing all the steps and it may be tempting to cut corners for a quick fix. Unfortunately, your experience won’t be great and you will almost certainly develop problems with wearing contact lenses into the future. The most successful long term contact wearers complete all the initial steps and attend their annual checkups.

1. Fitting consultation

We’ll properly assess and fit your eyes with contact lenses. In contrast to a spectacle eye test, there are more things to check. Firstly, it is especially important that the tissue covering the front of your eyes (cornea) is diagnosed as healthy and suitable for contact lenses. This is because contact lenses are placed in direct contact with this area.

Eye measurements, including sizes, curves and prescription will also be taken. So we’ll prescribe lenses that fit properly and are comfortable to wear. After discussing the different options available to you, a specific type of contact lens will be tentatively prescribed, as a trial. These trial contact lenses provide you with a test run. Furthermore, the Optometrist will use your trial lenses to assess how your eyes respond after wear.

2. Wearing lessons

Either immediately following your initial contact lens fitting, or a day or two later, one of our trained staff members will take you through the process of how to insert, remove and care for your contact lenses. It’s important that you can do this on your own. This step can’t be rushed.

contact lens care
We’ll show you how to properly clean, sanitise and care for your contact lenses.

3. Contact lens checkup

Usually around two weeks after you begin wearing your contact lenses, you will return for a checkup. At this assessment, the Optometrist will make sure the contact lenses are working for you. To ensure optimum eye health, we’ll check that again too. You’ll get some more tips and another lesson if you need it. All going well, the Optometrist will issue your annual prescription.

Does medicare pay for a contact lens test?

In most cases, Medicare does not pay for contact lens tests. Medicare rebates are only available to clients who fit the criteria for contact lens wear (as defined by Medicare). Please ask for further details when you make your appointment.

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