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Soft Contact Lenses

by | 17 Oct 2022 | Contact Lenses, Eyewear, News

We stock soft contact lenses. So if you need a quick supply of contact lenses while on your visit to Noosa, or you’ve just found yourself short, come and see us.

Who can wear soft contact lenses?

The chances are if you wear glasses, you can wear contact lenses too. There are many choices when it comes to the type of contact lenses you can select. The best solution for you will depend on how often you plan to wear them, whether you’d like to be able to sleep in them, as well as your visual needs and budget.

You may also prefer to use Ortho-K contact lenses which correct your vision while you sleep, so you don’t need contact lenses or glasses during waking hours. More complex prescriptions will require RGP contact lenses.

Whether you’re longsighted or shortsighted, you require multi-focal correction or a correction for astigmatism; you too can experience the freedom of contact lenses.

buy contact lenses noosa
If you’re looking to buy contact lenses, we have stock in our Noosa Junction shop.

Contact lenses and comfort

Advances in contact lens technology mean that uncomfortable contact lenses are a thing of the past. We even offer a money-back comfort guarantee* on selected contact lenses.

The latest contact lenses are made from materials that are highly comfortable and breathable so your eyes remain fresh and lubricated throughout the day. We even have ultra-moist contact lenses that are ideal for people who experience the symptoms of dry eye.

Healthy eyes and contact lenses

Regular corneal eye health checkups are essential for long-term, healthy eyes and soft contact lenses. We will work with you to ensure your eyes remain healthy and your vision is at its best. When you buy contact lenses from us, you can be assured of professional support and aftercare from a team of experienced and trained professionals.

Our experience shows that patients who use our support services tend to enjoy wearing their lenses for longer and have fewer problems than patients who simply buy contacts online.

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