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Glasses in the way?

Wear Ortho-K!

Do your glasses get in the way? Maybe you’d rather not wear glasses? Have you broken or lost your glasses or contact lenses?

Ortho-K is the solution.

It’s simple. While you sleep, your vision is corrected so that you can see by day.

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Ortho-k is suitable for:

  • Ages 6 to 60
  • Over 60s without cataracts
  • Wide range of prescriptions
  • Dry eyes

First step

Before you can use orthokeratology, your eyes and vision must be assessed. Book an appointment with Charlie and ask to be assessed for Ortho-K.

Ortho-K for surfing in Noosa

Great vision within days

Expect your vision to be 80-100% corrected within the first week. In some cases, it will take longer.

Good comfort

The lenses are designed to be used while you sleep and there’s little to no sensation when your eyes are shut. Expect a mild sensation when your eyes are open because your eye lids will blink over the lens.

Ortho-K for kids

More economical than contact lenses

In the long term (after 1-2 years) orthokeratology costs less than daily wear contact lenses.

The initial set up cost varies according to your eye and prescription. At the initial consultation, you will be provided with a clear cost, for your eyes.

Ready to start? Book an appointment with Charlie today!

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