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Glasses Frames

We’re a boutique Optometrist in Noosa with 300+ hand picked frames on display and 27,000+ frames available to us. So, we’re best placed to find a frame to match you. Our independent practice is also equipped and our team is trained to provide a range of quality eyewear, from specialised eyewear manufacturers. We’ve also written a range of articles that take a deeper look into various glasses frame topics.

We can also design your ideal glasses and then have them individually made to order using the design, details, and materials you prefer. We’ll order your frames tailor-made, just for you. No more cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach.

Our clients come to us for glasses frames that combine a unique blend of non-compromising attention to detail, patented technologies, and individual craftsmanship.

Come and see our range in person or view some of our frames here.

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Women's glasses frames

We personally select our range of eyeglasses for ladies. Our range includes lots of colour and modern shapes designed to complement a unique style. In addition to our display range, we can design glasses frames just for you, in your perfect size, shape and colour.

Glasses frames for men

Many of our men’s eyewear frames include screwless hinges. Lightweight yet strong materials like titanium also provide men with longer-lasting and durable options. Our display range includes colour and modern, geometric shapes to suit masculine facial features.

Children's glasses frames

From inexpensive prescription glasses packages to durable titanium kids frames and virtually unbreakable designs, we’ve got kids covered. We also provide frames for as young as 6 months old and sports glasses for active children in need of safety eyewear.

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Our Glasses Frames

We stock a large number of premium European-designed and manufactured glasses frames. Like many things in life, you get what you pay for. However, there are times when a lower-cost packaged option might be right. We’ve also got that covered.

It’s important to understand the quality of a frame and what you’re paying for. So, we’re going to highlight the basic differences you can expect from a quality frame. Furthermore, our team is trained to assist you with the finer details, like selecting the right glasses frame from your face shape.


There are vast differences in the quality of spectacle frames and prescription lenses. Cheaper options often come at a cost to your vision and comfort. In addition to the factors listed below, you must also remember that mass-production eyewear is more wasteful. Firstly, over-production of poorly fitted frames goes to waste and secondly, they don’t last as long, so require more frequent replacement, which is also wasteful.

Advanced materials

Premium, high-tech materials like Italian Mazzucchelli Acetate, titanium, and composite materials are tougher and more durable against wear and tear. They are often much lighter and thinner and therefore more comfortable. The flexibility of these advanced materials means they can be used in more innovative designs. Genuinely premium frames will only use quality materials.

Frame hardware

When looking at a frame’s quality, you can’t ignore the little things. For example the hinges and screws. Great quality frames use the latest engineering technology to be more shock absorbent, as well as heat and chemical resistant. They provide a seamless hinge joint finish and provide a long wearing life. Often, less frame hardware indicates better quality. For example, no screws.

Original innovative design

Unique colours, prints, and textures are used by boutique suppliers rather than mass-production factories. Proprietary, distinctive designs create a unique look. There is no doubt that premium European glasses frames give more attention to design detail and quality embellishments. Innovation in design has also led to cleaver, hingeless, and screwless frames.

Handcrafted with care

Traditional hand-made workmanship is given the time and care investment for a more premium finish. Hand finishing also makes each frame somewhat unique, like a piece of art. Beware of mainstream frames marked as hand-finished. Simply tightening the hinge screws by hand is not the same as polishing, engraving, aligning, and painting by hand.

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