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We are the only stockist of LINDBERG glasses on the Sunshine Coast. Our display range includes over 60 styles across 9 different LINDBERG glasses collections. So you can experience a bolder style of Acetanium frame or an ultra-minimalist, lightweight rimless frame from the Spirit titanium collection.

Why LINDBERG glasses?

LINDBERG frames are made to order. So every frame is unique. We’ll assist you in creating your own, tailor-made look from virtually limitless combinations of  colour, shape, size and material. Above all, a LINDBERG frame is a statement about aesthetics. Technical innovation and impeccable craftsmanship sets LINDBERG apart.

The art of materials

LINDBERG has revolutionised modern eyewear with innovative design. Rather than mass produced take it or leave designs, they produce every frame individually. So, you receive the design, details and materials you prefer. You decide.

Engineering accomplishments

LINDBERG glasses have no screws, rivets or welds. Constructed from the best materials, LINDBERG frames are also extremely lightweight and strong. Almost indestructible. Different sizes and multi-adjustable components make LINDBERG frames the perfect fit. So there is no need to wear a frame that slips forward. Glasses don’t need to be too tight or too loose. Your frames can be just right.

Individually crafted

First of all, we will account for your individual measurements. We will measure our nose bridge size, face width and how far back your ears are. We also record your preferred shape, colour and material. As a result, your ideal frame can be produced. Every LINDBERG is made to order. Finally, LINDBERG will hand-finish and individually number your frame.

With an almost unlimited combination of choices, the chances are pretty high that your frame will be one of a kind. For example, the LINDBERG rimless titanium frames below:

LINDBERG glasses frames for men

Men's LINDBERG glasses frames
LINDBERG glasses for men have no screws, rivets or soldering. So they are distinctive, lightweight and strong. LINDBERG men’s glasses also take modern frame design to a new level. View examples here…

LINDBERG frames for women

LINDBERG women's glasses frames
LINDBERG glasses for women include unique blends of colour rich cotton acetate, single plate titanium and titanium wire. There are no screws, rivets or welds. View examples here…

LINDBERG glasses for kids & teens

Kid's LINDBERG glasses frames
LINDBERG for kids and teens is constructed from hypoallergenic materials, unlike most other children’s frames. They are also extremely lightweight and strong. View examples here…
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