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Glasses Frames, Our Range

by | 20 Mar 2021 | Eyewear, Glasses Frames, News

With access to over 20,000 glasses frames across more than 160 brands, we have access to the largest collection of glasses frames in Noosa.

From a distance glasses frames can look quite similar. It’s only when you get up close and personal that the detail and quality in a glasses frame becomes apparent. So if you would like a spectacle frame that really suits you, feels good, looks good and, above all, does a good job of being glasses, we can help.

Hopefully our reputation for glasses frames precedes you reading this article, but don’t take our word for it. Come and see us in person.

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How we choose our glasses frames

We personally hand-pick our displayed range of spectacle frames. Their uniqueness, quality and workmanship determines if we’ll select a spectacle frame for our collection. So our range is unique to any other.

Furthermore, if that’s not enough to choose from, there is more! Our digital catalogs give us fast access to more than 160 brands and over 20,000 models of glasses frame. So we can show you every shape, colour, size and material imaginable. We have the largest collection of glasses frames in Noosa. Similarly, we also have access to frames to fit all budgets.

You won’t see many “brand name” spectacle frames in our store, because the best frames are designed by specialist optical frame designers, not handbag and clothing designers. Furthermore, we don’t sell glasses frames online because they require proper fitting, adjustments and personalized measurements. We won’t compromise on that.

So, which glasses frame do you buy?

With so many spectacle frames now available on the market, it’s important that you understand what you’re paying for in a frame. When it comes to spectacle frames, you generally get what you pay for. There are vast differences in quality and inferior spectacle frames will also affect the vision provided by the lenses.

When asked, the majority of spectacle wearers will say that the comfort of spectacles is a priority. Certainly if you’ve ever had to wear an uncomfortable pair of glasses, you will relate to this. Secondly, the style is important. The shape, colour and personality of the glasses frames.

Good quality glasses frames such as Lindberg glasses are more resilient. Firstly, they include better engineered hinges which will require less maintenance. So they last longer. The materials used in a quality frame are first grade and will resist corrosion, won’t react with your skin and are more comfortable to wear. Because they will last you longer, they will ultimately cost you less.

How do you choose glasses frames?

Glasses frames are a tactile and personal choice. Feeling them on your nose and ears as well has how the colours look against your eyes and skin are all important parts of making the best choice for you. Likewise, glasses frames must hold lenses there are technical skills required to ensure you get the most out of the lenses which the frames will ultimately hold. While a frame may look fantastic, if the lenses don’t function properly, it’s not serving it’s main purpose; which is to improve the way you look (see!).

We enjoy fitting our frames and most of all, we love seeing our customers wearing a great frame that suits their style and personality.

What can our frame stylists do for you?

Our frame stylists are experienced and undertake a lot of training. It’s something that sets us apart from retail chain stores. They understand face shape, colour, fashion trends and simply…what works. They’ll probably take you outside of your comfort zone and they’re not going to show you just a classic black frame. You may have a frame in mind. However, we’ll tell you if it’s not a great fit, or if we think it’s the wrong frame for you. We’ll also explain why. Our reputation is at stake with every frame we fit.

We’ll also be balancing the completed prescription lens and frame combination so that it will be functional and comfortable. Ultimately we want you to feel great in your new frames, but we also want you to wear them.

Personal service included

All our frames come with much more than what you walk out with. You can always return for service, cleaning and adjustments free of charge.

Minor glasses frame repairs can be completed in house for little or no cost. Furthermore, if your frames find themselves in need of more drastic repairs, we can fix most things without the need to buy a new frame.

Come and visit us today. You have to try on glasses frames to feel the difference!

Noosa Optical is located at 1 Lanyana Way Noosa Heads QLD 4567. Call us on (07) 5447 3711 or contact us here.

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