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2 Pairs of Glasses for $199

by | 28 Apr 2022 | Eyewear, Glasses Frames, News

If you’re looking for 2 pairs of prescription glasses for a great price, we can do 2 pairs from $199. We know our offer is better than our chain store competitors because our deal includes extras that you don’t pay any more for. Furthermore, if you do happen to find a better deal elsewhere, we’ll match it.


Maze frames

2 pairs complete from $199. Exclusively available from independent optometrists, the Maze range provides a dependable budget option, with modern styles and colours.

Small glasses frames

2 pairs complete from $199. Spinach frames for kids are exclusively available from independent optometrists. This range includes both metal and plastic frames, in small glasses sizes.

Capri Eyewear

2 pairs complete for $199. The Capri range includes metal and plastic frame choices in a range of sizes. Classic designs and colours make up the majority of this range.

Maze +

2 pairs complete from $299. Exclusively available from independent optometrists, the Maze+ range of frames is more robust and includes more modern styling, colours and shapes.

Small glasses frames

2 pairs complete from $299. Spinach Boost frames for kids are exclusively available from independent optometrists and provide small glasses sizes in a range of styles and colours.

Capri Fashion

2 pairs complete from $299. Capri fashion includes more detailed designs and colour layering. Both metal and plastic frames are available in this collection.

The 2 Pairs Package

We aim to provide great quality solutions, for any budget. While a lot of what we do is in the Premium European or Custom-made categories of eyewear, we understand that often, a cheaper alternative is required. So, we can also do 2 pairs of complete single-vision, prescription glasses for $199. No extra hidden costs. No add-ons are required.

What’s included?

  • Any 2 frames from our economy range
  • Single vision prescription optical lenses
  • Double-sided hard coating for scratch resistance
  • Personal measurements, unique to you
  • Professional fitting
  • 2-year comprehensive warranty and service for the life of your glasses
  • Spectacle case and a microfiber cleaning cloth

It’s important to us that what you choose works for you. You can have two different frame styles. You can also get 2 pairs that each do something different, they don’t have to be identical 2 pairs like at other places. It’s also important to us that we don’t compromise your vision. So we’ll ensure that what you get is made just for you and is 100% accurate to your prescription.

2 Pairs of children’s glasses

Yes, we have a large selection of children’s frames. So if you’re looking to get your children school-ready, an eye test for the kids should be on your list too.

High prescriptions

Even if you have a high prescription, we can still help. While there are limitations when it comes to the prescription and making prescription glasses, we can often find ways to work around this. Our training and experience means we can push those limits for you. Let us show you how.

Optional extras

Of course, there are always ways to improve a lens or frame choice. We can show you what each extra does and you can decide if it’s something you need. We’re not in the business of up-selling, but often there are things you may need that can be added to your prescription glasses.

2 pairs ideas

There are plenty of ways to make your 2 pairs package deal work for you. Remember, each prescription spectacle can be different. So, for example, you could pick any two of the following ideas:

  • Bedtime reading glasses
  • Regular reading glasses
  • Hobby glasses (higher power)
  • Computer glasses
  • Cooking glasses
  • Workshop glasses
  • Painting glasses
  • Garden glasses
  • TV glasses
  • Driving glasses
  • Sport glasses
  • Glasses for over-contact lenses
  • Spare set of glasses

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