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Glasses repairs

by | 17 Mar 2019 | Eyewear, Glasses Frames, News, Sunglasses

We provide on site glasses repairs and service. Visit us in store or contact our customer service team on (07) 5447 3711 for assistance with glasses repairs and sunglasses repairs. We will need to see the problem in order to recommend a suitable glasses repair.

A quotation will provided prior to starting any major glasses repairs, although, costs aren’t normally that high.

Preventative maintenance

We provide free preventative maintenance for the life of all glasses and sunglasses purchase from us. Fitting adjustments and general maintenance including hinge lubrication, tightening and ultrasonic cleaning are included for the life of your frames and sunglasses when you purchase them from Noosa Optical.

We can also provide this service to customers from other locations for a small fee.

Frame repairs

Even though you may have purchased high quality and durable frames, we know that accidents can happen. So, if you need glasses repairs, a quick fix or major overhaul, Noosa Optical offers an unequalled, on-site repair service. Most repairs are completed in a quick, same day turnaround.

In the event that the repairs are more complex, we handle that too. In fact, we can arrange for welding, re-spraying and almost a complete reconstruction if required.

Spare parts

Good quality frames and sunglasses are repairable with spare parts, similar to a car. We can check availability for you and if required, can have the spare part manufactured for you. Glasses repairs aren’t normally that expensive.

Unfortunately, cheap eyewear is less easy to find parts for as the suppliers would prefer you to buy a new one!

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