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Preferred provider and Member’s Choice provider

by | 19 Mar 2019 | Eyewear, Health Funds, News

Most health fund members will receive advice from their health fund about preferred provider or member’s choice providers. Sometimes this advice can be misleading. It may be inferred that members can only see particular “preferred” providers or health fund owned outlets. This is completely untrue. You can still choose your health care provider and receive a rebate.

We think it is important that you understand what choice you have.

You can still choose the health care provider you prefer and receive a health fund rebate.

We are registered with all health funds, so you can still choose us.

We’ve been approached by many health funds looking to sign us up to their network of preferred providers. Put simply, we don’t need to sign up to provide best value to members. We are an independent optometrist and our philosophy of true independence means we choose to be registered and process claims for all private health fund members, without prejudice.

In fact, to sign up as a preferred provider means we are no longer completely independent.

As a preferred provider, some products and services must be restricted to certain health fund members only. In order to provide additional, compulsory discounts to particular health fund members, we would need to raise our baseline prices. We don’t think that’s fair and equitable.

If you have any questions about your health benefits and how we can help you maximise your rebate. Please contact us. We’re happy to discuss your options.

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