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Magnifiers & Low Vision

by | 17 Aug 2020 | Eyewear, Magnifiers & Low Vision, News

Low vision magnifiers include all types of vision appliances other than prescription glasses. Now, we’re not talking about magnifying reading glasses either. They’re covered on a different page here.

Low vision aids & magnifiers

This page covers magnifiers that are designed to improve vision. Especially in situations where sharp vision may not be achievable with glasses alone. Moreover, various occupations, hobbies and vision conditions benefit from magnification. 

For example, Macular degeneration is a condition that destroys central vision. People with macular degneration will find it difficult to read and see fine detail. Magnification is very useful in this situation. Words and objects are larger, so peripheral vision becomes more useful as a substitute for the lost central vision.

We supply Eschenbach low vision magnifiers. These are high quality, German devices and come with excellent support. The range is wide. So, we’ve divided it into a number of categories.

Electronic vision aids

This range of vision aids uses the latest technology to create an enlarged digital video image. A range of devices and settings allows the user to improve colour contrast. Furthermore, images are true-to-detail, high resolution and shadow free. 

Digital and electronic magnifiers and low vision aids are light weight and provide superior magnification without distortion.

Hand-held & reading magnifiers

A magnifying glass with an in-built light will outperform the equivelant non-lighted type. So we will always recommend illuminated hand-held devices first.

Hand held magnifier with light Mobilux
Hand-held and reading aids are fantastic for reading. An illuminated version will improve contrast and make reading a lot easier as is the case in the Mobilux model.

Head-band and clip-on magnifiers

Head band aids and clip-on spectacle devices provide a hands-free solution. So, they are fantastic for hobbies and occupations that require both hands on the job.

Binocular clip on magnifier
This lightweight magnifier simply clips onto the bridge of your spectacles and will allow you to work on something at normal reading arms length without the need to move in close.

Stand & reading magnifiers

Designed for use on a table or bench, stand type devices provide an easy to use, larger size option. Magnifiers on a stand ensure the device is positioned at exactly the correct distance, so the image is optimised. Larger lamp magnifying lamps are also useful as a general purpose reading light.

Visolux Sand Magnifier
The Visolux design produces an incredibly wide field of view and is ergonomically tilted. It’s inbuilt light can be two different colour temperatures and turns off automatically after 30 minutes.

Technical magnifiers

Designed as smaller pocket magnifying glasses, a wide range of technical magnifiers is also available to suite almost any application.

Pocket magnifier
Pocket magnifiers come in a variety of powers and colours. Designed to fit in a pocket, they are compact in design.


Low vision devices for distance use a telescopic system. So, telescopic magnifiers allow the user to view an enlarged image of something far away. For example, a television screen, artwork in a gallery or the stage of an Opera. They are also useful in occupations such as dentistry, medicine and micro-mechanics. 

Galilean Telescope MaxTV
MaxTV is comfortable to wear and designed to work best at around 3m. Your TV will become double the size.

In-store magnifier demonstrations

We provide the opportunity to trial magnifiers in-store. With so many choices, our aim is to identify and recommend the design and function that best matches your need. Furthermore, it’s important to try the magnifier and compare models for yourself. The best magnifiers are designed for a specific purpose and will do more than a basic magnifier.

For more information on different models, visit the Eschenbach low vision magnifier website or visit us in store.

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