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Prescription Lenses

As an independent practice, we’re your local lens expert. We’re here to help you understand which prescription lenses will work best for you. We’re not restricted to a particular type of lens, as all corporate optometrists are. We work with all major lens manufacturers.

Whilst optical lenses may all look the same, there are vast differences in quality that will affect vision, visual comfort, UV protection, aesthetics, and more. It’s what you don’t see that matters. Many people are not using the correct prescription lens for their vision. This can have a major impact on quality of life. So, understanding lens design and lens selection will ultimately determine how well and comfortably you will see.

We’ve written a range of articles that take a deeper look into various prescription lens topics. For personal advice, come and talk to one of our trained staff in person.

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Our Prescription Lenses

At Noosa Optical, we work with a full range of prescription lenses. Importantly, we are an independent Optometrist, so we’re not limited to a narrow range of corporate or retail franchise lenses. Therefore, whether you need a simple lens or a highly complex lens, we’re your lens expert.

Different types of prescription lenses

There are so many types of prescription lenses, so we have written another article about lens features here.

Prescription lenses aren’t all the same

Optical lenses may all look the same, but every lens is subtly different. Some will work well for you, while others will work okay for someone else. Some optical lenses use today’s cutting-edge technology while others use old technology from years gone by. The thing is, even a lens expert like us can’t easily tell the difference without referring to industry lens guides. These guides provide us with detailed information about every lens available to us in Australia.

The common adage “you get what you pay for” is true when it comes to lenses. Firstly, less expensive lenses are mostly basic, mass-produced, and one-size-fits-all. In contrast, precision optical lenses are individually produced to order. They are produced from higher quality materials that will withstand wear and tear better. Furthermore, they will also be thinner, lighter, and clearer to look through.

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