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Prescription Sunglasses

We’re a boutique Optometrist in Noosa that focuses on quality sunglasses. With our range of prescription sunglasses, you can protect your eyes from UV rays, reduce glare and maximise your vision without sacrificing on style. Advanced technology means that choice is abundant when it comes to Rx sunglasses. So, we’ve written a range of articles that take a deeper look into various sunglasses topics.

The latest fashion styles, high-tech wrap-around sports sunglasses and polarised functionality are all possible today. Furthermore, eyewear designers are increasingly catering to people who want vision correction as well as style and function from their sunglasses. 

Come and see our range in person.

prescription sunglasses in noosa

Maui Jim Prescription Sunglasses

With over 65 Maui Jim sunglasses models on display, we have the largest collection of Maui Jim sunglasses in Noosa. All our display models are suitable for prescription or can be purchased without prescription lenses. So, come and see us in-store for the full range of options.

Zeal Prescription Sunglasses

Zeal Optics produces sunglasses for people who live for outdoor adventure. They’re designed to be lightweight active wear fashion. Their philosophy is to use less, give back, and explore more. We supply all styles of Zeal sunglasses. So, come and see us in-store for the full range of options.

Polarised Prescription Sunglasses

Polarised sunglasses reduce horizontal glare from smooth or flat surfaces like water, cars, and roads. Generally, polarised sunglasses provide better levels of protection for the eye. We can show you all types of prescription polarised sunglasses lenses, including photochromatic options.

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Our Prescription Sunglasses

Prescription sunglasses are a necessity around Noosa, for prescription spectacle wearers. Simplify your life with a pair of prescription sunnies. Our range of quality sunglasses is 100% prescription-ready. Furthermore, we have the expertise and knowledge to fit your prescription to a style of sunnies you love.

Prescription ready range

Our main collection of sunglasses includes both Maui Jim and Zeal sunglasses. We specifically select sunglasses styles that are available in prescription. So we know the fit, vision and function will be well-balanced. We also have access to many other brands that are prescription-suitable.

High prescription sunglasses

We’re also equipped to handle high-prescription sunnies. Our collection can accommodate very high prescriptions. We can also show you some “outside the box” ideas so that even if your prescription is very high, you can still enjoy a great pair of Rx sunglasses.

Convenience, not compromise

The best fashion designers not only create great style, but they also consider function and the increasing need for a prescription. There isn’t any need to compromise your vision for the sake of style. We’re confident that once you experience the convenience of sunnies in your prescription, you won’t look back!

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