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Sunglasses, Our Range

by | 19 Feb 2021 | Eyewear, News, Sunglasses

We work with sunglasses brands that put quality first. Prescription and regular sunnies need to provide fantastic looks, comfort and proper protection from the sun. So, you won’t find fashion-only style in our shop, because we won’t compromise on UV protection for the sake of this season’s “look”. In contrast, many sunnies may actually do more harm than good. Hence, you should only buy sunglasses from someone that understands the difference.

Besides looking good, sunnies should protect your eyes from UV rays because your eyes are 10 times more sensitive to harmful UV than your skin! Visit our eyewear shop in Noosa Heads for expert advice from a team trained in everything about sunglass frames and lenses. We do a lot more than just sell frames for fashion.

Prescription sunglasses

Sun protection in prescription aren’t an indulgence on the Sunshine Coast. Simplify your life with a pair of prescription sunnies. They’re a necessity for prescription spectacle wearers. We’re well equipped to work with prescription frames and lenses and our range is 100% prescription ready.

prescription sunglasses
Our range Zeal sunglasses are designed to combine fashion and function for an active lifestyle. They are also comfortable and available in your prescription. Come and try on a pair to see the difference.

Polarised Sunglasses

Polarised sunglasses provide the best protection against glare. In most cases, polarised versions are ideal in Noosa. We will advise you on the different types of polarising filter, so that you can select the best one for your lifestyle needs.

Sports and wrap around sunglasses

Anyone who participates in active sports like cycling, adventure racing or running would appreciate the need for that special, dedicated eyewear. Ordinary eyewear just doesn’t cut it when it comes to sport.

Wrap around prescription sunglasses are no problem for us. Maui Jim and Rudy Project offer the best lens technology in the wrap around category. Both brands offer dedicated sports designs and lenses to suite the very specific needs of different sports.

prescription wrap around sunglasses
Rudy Project Rydon is an ideal solution for sports sunglasses. Available in a wide range of frame and lens colours, they include the best prescription wrap around lens technology on the market. Come and try on a pair.

Choosing UV protection

Skin cancer around the eyes is more common than you might think. We’re all aware of the effects of the sun on our skin, but tend to forget that our eyes are also affected. In Queensland, we are the unfortunate leaders in melanoma, which when found in or around the eye is particularly serious and often fatal.

Even so, damaging UV rays from the sun contribute to premature aging, cataracts, and macular degeneration, not to mention the crow’s feet caused by squinting!

When choosing you next sun-protective eyewear, make sure they provide Category 3 protection from the sun. If unsure, ask us to check them over for you, or better still, buy your next pair from us and have the peace-of-mind knowing you’ve purchased genuine, quality protection.

How to buy sunglasses

The fact is, you need to try on sun protective eyewear, in the sun, before you buy them. We firmly believe that to get it right, eyewear simply needs to be tried on. So we encourage our customers to try on at least 5 different styles to get a true sense of the different fits and feels. Lenses are also not all the same. 

Trying on a good range of sunglasses helps you to make your choice. You can feel what each pair is like to wear and what the lenses are like to look through. We guarantee that you will find some will feel fantastic to you, while others will feel great to someone else. It’s a personal choice. We’re here to help guide you to your ideal pair of sunglasses.

Fitting sunglasses

There’s a lot more to picking sunglasses than looks. Regular sunglasses retailers don’t have the same in-depth understanding of fitting, eye health and sun protection as we do. They often don’t have the tools, facility or training to adjust and properly fit sunglasses.

Small adjustments to frames can mean the difference between them slipping down your nose or falling off your head. We know how to prevent this and it’s all part of the service we offer when you purchase sunglasses from Noosa Optical. Your eyes deserve to be looked after better!

Professional service included

When you buy sunglasses from us, they come with full service for life. We will maintain, clean and adjust your sunglasses as often as you require, for as long as you need us to.

Visit us to see the difference for yourself.

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