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We will process your Medicare claim for you and you will receive the maximum Medicare rebate you are entitled to for our consultations. We do not bulk bill Medicare.

Consultation fees

We are an eye health focused practice invested in long term, clinical vision and eye health services. Our Optometrists are independent clinicians who provide a more thorough and comprehensive examination that is not retail driven. Therefore, we charge a fee for their expertise.

Typical fees

Children up to 16 years

Fee: $62.45

Medicare rebate: $62.45*

Initial consultations

Fee: $145

Medicare rebate: $62.45*

Subsequent consultations

Fee: $49

Medicare rebate: $31.30*

* Estimated Medicare rebate for eligible card olders.

Other fees

Every eye is unique. Your particular vision and eye health circumstances may require a further, more targeted and detailed investigation. We cannot always predict exactly what tests and proceedures will occur during your visit.

Frequently asked questions

Does private health insurance pay for eye tests?

Answer: No, not if you are eligible to receive a Medicare rebate. If you are covered by an overseas or visitor’s private health insurance policy, you may be able to claim a rebate. It’s best to check with your policy provider.

Is an eye test covered by Medicare?

Answer: No, Medicare does not cover the cost of an eye test in Australia. Some Optometrists do not charge a fee for their eye test because they subsidise the cost of providing the eye test through the sale of glasses. The actual, real cost of providing an eye test is not covered by Medicare.

Does it cost money to get an eye test?

Answer: Yes, in most cases it will cost money to get an eye test. You can choose to get an eye test from a location that doesn’t charge a fee for the eye test, but you will likely be encouraged to purchase glasses, which then covers the costs of providing the eye test.

Do you have to pay for an eye test in Australia?

Answer: Yes, you will pay for an eye test in Australia. If you don’t pay a fee for the eye test itself, you will likely be encouraged to buy glasses and therefore pay for the eye test indirectly.

Are eye tests free in Australia?

Answer: No, eye tests are not free in Australia. Medicare subsidises eye tests provided by registered Optometrists to eligible patients in Australia. If you’re not charged a fee for an eye test, the real costs of providing the eye test must be covered elsewhere, such as by selling glasses.

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