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Glasses for face shape

by | 28 Feb 2022 | Eyewear, Glasses Frames, News

Traditionally, it was important to choose glasses for your face shape. There is still some basis for this, particularly if you want the frame to blend nicely with your features. Frames can also change the appearance of your face shape. For example, glasses can make your face appear longer or shorter, wider or more square. They can make your eyes appear closer together or further apart. Here, we’re going to discuss frame shape and face shape.


The frame shape you choose can say a lot about your personality. These days, face shape and glasses shape don’t have to be matched by the book. In fact, some well-chosen frames or sunglasses that contradict or enhance your face shape in the right ways can really make a statement and look fantastic too. It could be argued that there isn’t a “right” shape of frame for your face. More likely the right shape of frame for your style or personality.

Face Shapes

There are six basic face shapes: oval, round, square, rectangle, heart and diamond. The same can be applied to sunglasses shapes. So let’s dive into which glasses are best for your face shape.

Oval face

Oval face

You’ve got the perfect natural balance. So you can wear anything that takes your fancy. However, be careful not to choose a frame that is too large or too small as this can throw off your naturally balanced oval face shape. A wider frame with a strong bridge can enhance your features.

Round face

Round face

A round face shape is proportionally similar in width and height and has rounded features such as forehead, chin and cheeks. Rectangular frames are the most complementary to your face Frames with a bold up-swept shape will enhance features like cheekbones. We think you should avoid round and oval frames.

Square face

Square faces are also proportionally similar in width and height but have a broad forehead and strong jawline. Oval or rounded frames help to soften your features. Avoid deep frames which will exaggerate your shorter face length. A slightly wider size can help to narrow your face proportionally.

Rectangle face

A rectangle face is longer than it is wide. Typically, they have a longer forehead, narrower jaw and high cheekbones. A frame with strong horizontal features helps to shorten the appearance of the face length. Rounded edges will soften features. Avoid small, narrow frames as these will exaggerate the length of your face.

Heart face

A broad forehead, small chin and high cheekbones are characteristic of a heart shape face. Cat-eye frame shapes with a wider top edge and frames with rounded edges will help balance your features and complements your face shape.

Diamond face

Diamond faces have a narrow forehead and jawline. The cheekbones are the widest part of the face. A rimless, oval or gently curved frame that is no wider than your cheekbones will help to soften your cheekbones. Cat-eye shapes will enhance your cheekbones.

There are so many opinions when it comes to choosing glasses for face shape. Ask a hundred people and you’ll get a hundred opinions. So, ask someone you trust and whose opinion you respect and we think you can make a great choice, no matter what your face shape is!

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