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Noosa Hearing Open

by | 2 Jan 2021 | News

Many of our clients will be aware that we’ve had an on-site Audiologist for over a decade. We wanted to ensure this service continued to be available into the future. So, you’ll now find Noosa Hearing inside Noosa Optical.

Noosa Hearing’s goal is to deliver comprehensive hearing health care from a truly independent practice. Although a separate organisation to Noosa Optical, Noosa Hearing shares our facility and has been built around the same values and mindset as Noosa Optical.

Established in Noosa

Noosa Hearing was established in Noosa, by locals. They live locally and they’re part of the Noosa community, inside Noosa Optical.

Why did we form Noosa Hearing?

With so many choices and hearing aid outlets available, one thing stood out: the concerning fact that almost all hearing clinics in the Noosa region are owned and operated by international hearing aid manufacturers. In fact, there is no other full time, truly independent Audiologist in Noosa.

Noosa Hearing is different and 100% independent

Retail chain stores are becoming ingrained in many health industries. Like Optometry, Audiology is no exception. So, there are many reasons why we think choosing an independent Audiologist is better for your hearing.

No part of Noosa Hearing is owned or governed by any other entity. Furthermore, they’re not a franchise or retail chain store claiming to be independent.

Our owners

Deidré Breytenbach and Shane Tromp own Noosa Hearing. Both are active in the clinic and both are available to our clients and patients. There is no higher level manager or CEO. A local team will take care of you.

Patient focus

A genuinely patient centred practice, focused on quality and service is what Noosa Hearing aims to be. Furthermore, generous appointment times, world class technology and attention to detail have been built into the practice. Noosa Hearing will strive to always exceed your expectations.

Visit us

Don’t take our word for it. Visit Noosa Hearing, inside Noosa Optical.

Choosing any health care provider can be worrisome. It is important that you feel comfortable with your health care providers.

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