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Safety Glasses

Noosa Optical is qualified to recommend and fit prescription safety glasses and has been supplying prescription safety eyewear since 2007 when the first dedicated prescription eyewear standard was released. All our safety eyewear products are independently tested to AS/NZS 1337.6.2012 and come with a certificate.

Modern safety frame styles

We have access to one of the largest safety frame and lens ranges available in the market including brands such as Bollé, Ugly Fish and Matador Equipment. You can select from a broad range of styles including plastic and metal frames and also a range of positive seal products and wrap around styles.

Our prescription safety lens range consists of fully certified lens materials, designs and powers offering great choice in all situations.

You will need to allow around 15 minutes for us to properly fit and measure up your new safety glasses. We’ll also need to decide which lens options are best suited to your work environment.

Eye protection in your job is important. Your eyes deserve to be looked after!